What is a web site without a dedicated staff of loyal contributors? Fortunately for TurboGrafx fans the world over, features a diligent staff of Turbo fanatics who are ready to bring you the latest and greatest in 16-bit gaming bliss. We're busy combing the web and old back issues of Electronic Gaming Monthly so that we can provide you with an authorative source of information on NEC 16-bit systems.

While the staff is small right now, we're quickly gaining support. Are you interested in contributing to the preservation of gaming's golden age? Do you have an opinion to offer on some old Turbo or PC Engine classics? If so, contact us. We're eager to get you involved in the mix!

Name Email Member Since
Collin 2008
Ragnar N/A 2004
Richie L. 2007
Scott 2004
Steve "Chili" R. 2007

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