Name: Scott
Member Since: 2004
Games: Y's Book I & II, Galaga '90, Legendary Axe, Ninja Spirit
Hobbies: Promoting the TurboGrafx-16
Activities: Conquer the latest Turbo shoot 'em up
Locality: Dayton, OH
Ambitions: Completing Gates of Thunder without losing a life
Bio: N/A


Name Description Type
Two's Company Giving Isolationist Gaming The Boot Editorial
Life As An Underdog Sticking Up For The Little Guy Editorial
The Beauty Of Simplicity When I Was A Kid... Editorial
My Console Pet Peeve It's Time For A Change Editorial
Genesis To TurboGrafx Adapter Homebrew Project Project
HyperSpin Cabinet Multi-Emulator System Project


Name Attachment Description Description
Golden Axe Golden Axe Manual Arcade Conversion Gone Wrong
Lords Of The Rising Sun Lords Of The Rising Sun Manual (Book 1) Samurai Era Strategy Game
Lords Of The Rising Sun Lords Of The Rising Sun Manual (Book 2) Samurai Era Strategy Game


Name Description Name
TurboDuo Sleek, Streamlined TurboGrafx With CD Unit Hardware
TurboGrafx-16 This Is Where It All Begins Hardware
TurboPad Standard TurboGrafx Controller Hardware
Extension Cable Sit Back And Relax Hardware
PC Engine CoreGrafx A Whole New World Of Gaming Hardware
Bonk's Revenge Turbo Mascot Back For More Software
Champions Forever Boxing Boxing's Best Gone Bad Software
Dungeon Explorer Five-Player Dungeon Crawling At Its Best Software
Galaga '90 Home Conversion Of The Arcade Classic Software
Golden Axe Arcade Conversion Gone Wrong Software
Keith Courage Classic TurboGrafx Pack-In Game Software
Legend Of Hero Tonma Japanese Flavored Platformer Software
Pac-Land Arcade Classic Turned Platformer Software
Power Golf Hit The Links Turbo Style Software
Splatterhouse Horrifying Platformer Experience Software
Time Cruise Go Back To The Future For Pinball Action Software
TV Sports Football Console Football Gone Horribly Wrong Software
Fiend Hunter High Adventure Hits Super CD Software
Final Lap Twin Split-Screen Racing Excitement Software
World Stadium Baseball Nostalgic Baseball Flashback Software
Bonk's Adventure Milestone Title For The 16-Bit Era Software
Tricky Kick Animal Lover's Worst Nightmare Software
Dragon Spirit Fire-breathing Launch Title Software
Ordyne Innovative Multi-player Shooter Software
Afterburner 2 Fighter Jet Arcade Hit Comes Home Software
Bomberman '93 Multi-Player Mayhem At Its Finest Software
Cratermaze Hudson Puzzler Based On Proven Engine Software
World Stadium Baseball '91 Namco Beats The Sophomore Slump Software
Image Fight Challenging Import Space Adventure Software
Bravoman Neck-Stretching Platformer Hits Home Software
Salamander NES Favorite Gets An Upgrade Software
Lode Runner Pack-In Video Pulls One Out Of The Archives Software
Gate Of Thunder Super CD Shooter Action At Its Best Software
Digital Champ Naxat Tries A Non Pinball Side Project Software
Download Cyberpunk Style Shoot 'Em Up Action Software
TV Sports Basketball Roundball Fiasco Software

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