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Richie L.
Name: Richie L.
Member Since: 2007
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Bio: Hailing from Secaucus, NJ, Richie L. has been playing Turbo games since 1990. He actually sold his beloved Nintendo Entertainment System to make the step to the next generation and buy a TurboGrafx-16. Interestingly enough, it was World Class Baseball that he chose to purchase with the system. Being a bonafide Turbo collector, Richie is diligently searching for some of the original items from the Turbo catalog that came with the system. Although he's not a big sports fan, he still happens to enjoy every sports game on the system, and he feels as though this is a great testimony to the Turbo's legacy. Richie is dedicated to playing a key role in the preservation of the TurboGrafx-16 and the Turboduo. He hopes that his efforts will help many more people finally experience the joy of Turbo gaming. As a part of this effort, he'll gladly take requests for reviews.


Name Description Name
Military Madness Cult Classic Strategy Blockbuster Software

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