We're not here for the glory, the glamor, the prestige, or even the wealth. Sure, all of those things would come naturally from being one of the premier sources of information in the 16-bit gaming world, but we have gladly shunned all of these things for a much higher purpose. The reason that we're here is for the sake of our legion of loyal fans. That's right...it's all about you!

Since we're here to cater to your every TurboGrafx related need, we like to hear from you, so that we can know what you're thinking. How do you like the site? What strides can we take to improve? What is your philosophy on life? We want to know all of these and more, so feel free to contact us and let us know what you're thinking. We'll be waiting with eager anticipation.

Name From Name Date Received
Prodigal Son Returns Chris 8/10/2014
Do You Know Any Good TurboGrafx Forums? Simon 6/23/2011
TurboGrafx Fan-Boy Chris B. 1/6/2009
Thank You For Having Interests In TurboGrafx/PCEngine HumanTorsos 2/9/2008
Install Query dp 2/6/2008
Hello Again! Chris 9/4/2007
Chile Alexandra 8/28/2007
Gates Of Thunder? Charlotte 5/27/2007
Congrats On The Site And Turbo Duo Dillemas! Lance 3/25/2007
Welcome Home! Chris 2/20/2007
Games Lori 1/20/2007
Kudos For The Website Camilo A. Soto 12/14/2006
An Unfortunate Turn Of Events Steve "Chili" R. 10/25/2006
How Are You? Marie 8/12/2006
A Blast From The Past Jeff 4/23/2006
Turbografx Games Availibility David Hasselhoff 3/10/2006
Finally Steve "Chili" R. 2/27/2006
Uhhh...hello? Just Loving Scott 1/9/2006
Time For A Change David 10/20/2005
A School Project Perhaps Steve R. 9/29/2005

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