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I am currently in search of some information on turbografx for an upcoming speech at school. I am intreged by how much time and effort you have put into informing the world how great turbo graphx is. For this reason I have come to you for information on why turbographx is by far the superior 16bit system. I have looked everywhere for information on this topic but can't find anything that comes close to the expertise of your site. I know you must be a busy and wealthy man because of this site but I am begging you to take some time out of your busy schedule to provide me with some of your knowledge. I am your biggest fan and hope to hear from you soon.

#1 fan

Steve R.


Dear Steve R.,

You have indeed come to the right place. If you take the time to carefully examine the wealth of knowledge provided by turbografx.net, it will become obvious to you that no other 16-bit console can compare to NEC's gaming goliath. With games like Bonk's Adventure, Keith Courage In Alpha Zones, and Gates of Thunder, can there be any doubt in your mind? My recommendation to you is to have your classmates take a look at turbografx.net. If this does not convince them of the system's superiority, then there is certainly no hope for them. Undoubtedly, you will find them persuaded and you will be on the fast track to some very high markings from your teacher.

Your pal...


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