I was cleaning out my basement and I found 12 of the trubografx games. I think I long ago pitched the game system because some cords were missing. Shame. The titles I have are:

Tiger road
ninja spirit
double dungeons
legendary axe
alien crush
legendary axe II
pac land
silent debuggers
dragon's curse
Keith Courage in alpha zones

I am willing to sell these if there is a market.

Thanks in advance,




There's definitely a market for TurboGrafx games. In fact, the market is so good that many TurboGrafx fans are quite dismayed at the prices they have to pay to pick up some of their favorites of yesteryear. At this point, the best place for an individual such as yourself to sell these games is eBay. Local gameshops have a tendency to underpay for classic games like these. It's understandable...who knows if there will be local NEC console fans willing to shell out the bucks that will be asked for these games. However, the on-line auction gives you the opportunity to sell your wares to a much broader audience. You'd best believe that there are TurboGrafx enthusiasts that watch these auctions like a hawk. Go ahead and give it a're likely to be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Sincerest Regards...


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