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I am so glad I found your website!

I owned an original Turbografx 16 back in '89. I got it for Christmas. I remember playing non-stop for what seemed to be 2 years straight. Gathering up games and accersories all along the way, while my friends were wasting their time on NES or Sega systems. I owned that system, with CD attatchment,PC engine game converter, a few PC engine games, a turbo tap, 6' controller extension cable, 5 controllers, and nearly every game they put out. Then, in '98 or '99, I did a foolish thing (forgive me, I was 22). Being on the constant verge of bankruptcy, I sold the whole system and games to a local McVann's for $100. Granted the CD system was starting to not play so well, but I was a fool. You should have seen the employees flock to the counter when I walked in with it. They were all calling dibs on the system, accersories, and games. Years went by, I got married,and life went on. I still thought about the system time and again.

Then I found Ebay. I coerced my wife into letting me get one for christmas. It was the base system, and I think I paid $50 for it. Soon realizing I couldn't build my library like I used to have, I sold it. Then about another year later, I bought another one, base system again. I soon found I didn't have the money, or time to keep up with it, so I sold this one as well.

A few more years went by, and I found a better paying job, settled into my lifestyle, had a daughter, and realized I could have more than one hobby (I slipped into the car scene for quite some time, I'm still in it too). So I began scouting out on Ebay again for a system. But this time I was going to skip the puny (no offense) base system, and jump right up to the TurboDuo! I found one on ebay that had been sitting in someone's parent's attic. Complete gamble on whether it would work or not. It also was just the console. No controllers, no games, no A/C cord, no AV cord, NOTHING! It actually did come with a Turboexpress, but I sold it off to buy what I needed to get the TurboDuo running.

I finally got all the needed equipment, put in Lords of the Rising Sun, and viola! It worked! Of course, this one was too a Christmas present, so my wife made me wait until Christmas morning to try it out. I was as excited as the first time I opened it nearly 17 years before!

Now, I only have two games, JJ & Jeff, and Bomberman (the good one, not the crappy Bombman '96). I sold Lords of the Rising Sun. I just couldn't see myself sitting in front of the TV for 3 hour spans like I used to to conquer feudal Japan, let alone my daughter allowing me to do that. My wife and I love playing Bomberman, and she has actually completed the 1 player version. My brother and his wife come over and we have mini-tournaments. I sadly only have two controllers right now. Turboduo controllers are hard to come by.

I look forward to getting my old library of games built back up, and playing 2 player games with my wife, and later, my kids. I have Tricky Kick on the way, which I could have sworn was a 2 player game, but just found it's not.

Well, that is my story! I just want to say thanks for having the website, and I will be a regular visitor for sure!

TurboGrafx Fan from the begining,




Sometimes we try to be modest here at turbografx.net, but then we realize that it just doesn't make any sense. We offer unparalleled coverage of the greatest console known to man. It's hard to ask for much more than that!

In all seriousness, though, it's good to hear the tale of a fan that has come back to his beloved system after so many years. Believe it or not, I went through a similar journey myself. My return to the TurboGrafx console is what was the beginning of this web site.

While most of us don't have the time to spend putting in quality hours on our favorite titles anymore, it brings back so many good memories whenever we can just spend a few minutes playing a classic like Bonk's Adventure or Bomberman. It's amazing how well these games still hold up after so many years. The fact that we are even now introducing these titles to new generations of gamers proves that the TurboGrafx will always have its place in the hearts of console lovers everywhere.

Remember The Turbo...


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