Hi! Scott,

I'm Alexandra friend of William, the guy that you met in El Colorado (Chile). I hope that you still remember me...ha ha.

Sorry that I didnĀ“t write before, but I had a lot of troubles with your email. William lost it and he thinks that this is it. I'm crossing my fingers for that because I really wanted to get Scott's exclusive city tour for one day...he he. Sights at day, clubs and bars at night.

I will be in New York around the 15th of September until the 23rd, so I hope you can have a few minutes for me.





The person that you describe in your e-mail does sound quite a bit like me. I have been known to frequent El Colorado, but then who hasn't? My memories of that tropical oasis are like none other. Then there's the whole clubbin' scene, of which I am of course a seasoned veteran.

Unfortunately, although many people remember meeting me, I am not able to remember all of them. With such a constantly busy schedule of reviewing games, it's certainly understandable. As a result, I can't quite place you, and I definitely don't live in New York city. Perhaps you have me confused with another Scott?

In the meantime, may a suggest a few rounds of rigorous TurboGrafx gaming in place of your night on the town? The recently reviewed Salamander is a great choice and you can never go wrong with any of Bonk's adventures. If you're looking for something more on the CD side, perhaps Dracula X will tickle your fancy.

Happy Trails...


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