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Just a follow up from a TG-16/Duo fan, and Turbografx.net fan!

I wrote you earlier this year about how I found my way, and happiness, once again in the TG-16/Duo. I now have 18 games, and have bought and sold a few along the way. I also now have 4 controllers, with one more coming to complete the full set of 5!

I was just sitting here at work, bored and thinking. You guys should set up a for sale/wanted to buy type section. People could post if they have games/accersories for sale privately or on Ebay. Or people could post looking for games/accessories. Being a moderator of a certain automobile message board, I know how messy liability can get for transactions gone bad. So it may not be in your best interests to do this. Just an idea.

Also, would you happen to know where I can get some TG16 t-shirts? I used to have a few back in the day; a black one with a large TG-16 logo on the front, a Devil's Crush t-shirt and an Air Zonk T-shirt. In this day and age of hipsters wearing "retro" shirts, getting ahold of one of these would definately make me the coolest kid on the block!

TurboGrafx Fan from the begining,




Sorry for the very late reply, but my time to work on turbografx.net related stuff has been very minimal as of late. That should change over the next month or so, though, with my schedule finally slowing down a bit.

Anyway, it sounds like you're building quite a collection for the TurboGrafx and I know that you won't be disappointed. As for the Turbo Tap, it's always great to get the opportunity to share the joy of Turbo gaming with a few friends. I just recently survived a very intense round of Bomberman '93, and you can bet that I'll be sharpening my skills for the next round.

Your idea about a message board detailing Turbo related items for sale is a great one, and indeed it is already being implemented by one of our fellow TurboGrafx web site brethren, PCEngineFX.com. If you haven't visited their message board, you owe it to yourself to do so. As far as I'm concerned, this is the best way to stay current on all things Turbo.

T-shirts related to the TurboGrafx seem to be a tough thing to come by. The best that I can tell you is to peruse some of the web sites on the turbografx.net links page. Not to sound like I have an endorsement contract with these guys or anything, but PCEngineFX.com is also one of the sites that offers t-shirts for sale.

Keep On Fightin' The Good Fight...


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