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I came on your website seeking info on how to setup my old Turbografx system from when I was a kid. Is the "RF" system you speak of something that is only on old TVs? I am unfamiliar with the term. What do I need to hookup the system?

I found it in my folks' basement last year and has since been sitting in the closet. If it is not compatible or I can't figure it out, should I try to sell it on Ebay? From your site it seems like a bunch of folks like it still, are they on older TVs? I used to love the game, it'd be great to play it when the wife goes to bed....

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An RF connector is an old-school coaxial cable connector, like you'd see on a cable TV box or a cable modem. If your current TV doesn't have this type of connector, you can buy a little box that will convert the RF input to the more typical RCA/AV output. Alternatively, you could try to pick up a Turbo Booster on eBay. These allowed gamers to use RCA connectors on their original TurboGrafx unit.

My personal recommendation is to blow the dust off that bad boy and put it back into action. I've found that even after all these years, the TurboGrafx stands the test of time, with many quality titles to choose from. If you do end up selling it, eBay is a good way to go. I personally use a TurboDuo, which includes RCA connectors, so I'm not sure what avenue most people take with the original TurboGrafx console and a newer TV. My guess is that they go with the convertor that I mentioned earlier, as the Turbo Booster is not all that easy to come by.

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