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Hi there from Japan,

I typed TurboGrafx on google and your website came up. I am a staff member of a video game company in Japan. I didn't know that there are tons of people who still remember TurboGrafx games. I've been in a responsible team for TurboGrafx games (they'll be on Wii and sometimes 360). We worked on a lot of TurboGrafx games for Japan, US, and Europe to find and change stuff of oldies. We know what games will be on Wii, shhhhhhhhh... heh heh. We have to work on 600 games.

Working at a gaming company isn't as romantic as people think, but it is nice. Anyway, those fans are a treasure to us. I'm sorry that we have to remove or edit stuff from original games as the things are being stricter these days than in the 80s-90s, but we don't have to do such abuse on USA and Europe versions much. You might enjoy the Wii versions.

Warm Regards,

One of the Staff ;)


Dear HumanTorsos,

Your sign-on name is very catchy, and I have to give your credit for that. I'm not sure if I should ask what the inspiration was or not. To be honest, there seem to be more of a dedicated handful of TurboGrafx loyalists on the stateside versus tons of people. Many of my friends, although they grew up during the prime years for NEC gaming, have no idea what a TurboGrafx is, nor do they know what they are missing. Thankfully, the Wii has helped to introduce the TurboGrafx to a whole new demographic of Americans that were never exposed to it before. Although I must admit that I am a staunch advocate for experiencing the game in its original format, I am certainly thankful for the exposure that Nintendo's latest endeavor has brought to my beloved classic console. Thanks for all your hard work and I wish you the best of luck in your future projects.



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