do you know any good turbografx forums?



I have recently purchased my first Turbo Grafx (I am a bit behind the times I know) and I am hoping to find somewhere I can talk with other players and trade/buy/sell games etc.

I have really enjoyed looking through your site and wish you had a good active message board on here...

I have applied to join but my accounts not been approved and I have no idea why... I have emailed them a couple of times to ask to join by no reply at all :o(

Is there any other boards worth joining that you are aware of?

Many thanks and keep up the good work.




Welcome to the world of TurboGrafx. All I can say is that it's better late than never. As for forums, definitely seems to be the top option. However, a quick search reveals that Twin Galaxies appears to have a moderately active TurboGrafx forum, so you may want to check that out at There used to be a fairly active TurboGrafx mailing list, but that appears to have gone by the wayside at this point. Anyway, best of luck, and I hope that you find your Turbo gaming experience to be enjoyable.


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