time for a change


The turbografx site is in need of a major overhaul. It has been the same for years, how can you expect me to constantly visit this site when there is no new content or design. I have been a long time visitor, first time emailer, so please update the site or I shall have to look elsewhere for my info.

Oh by the way Scott, nice hair.



Dear David,

We feel your pain. There's no doubt that after two years of providing the TurboGrafx gaming community with cutting edge content, it was time for the site to have a facelift. As a result of your request, we made it a priority to make the recent site redesign happen. There's no doubt in our minds that you are much happier with the results. Not only is the new design pleasing to the eyes, but it's also the latest rage with all the kids.

Sincerest regards...


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