prodigal son returns


Just a note to say hello, again! I have recently been looking at picking up a TG16CD or Turboduo again now that I have some expendable income and a basement with room to set up "toys". I was just thinking of things I used to own that were TG16 related and did a quick search for "airzonk tshirt" which I used to have. I was brought here, to a past email I sent ( I showed it to my wife, without showing her the signature or telling her it was mine. She looked at me and said, "that's not you is it?" Funny how things always come back around to what they used to be. I have since sold everything off (again), and now looking at current prices of turboduo, it was a bad idea. I look forward to spending time on this site doing "research", and reminiscing. I have all ready found my way to and began planning a purchase. Thanks for keeping this place going after all of these years! TG16 fan 'til I die!




Thanks for your continued loyalty to the system. The web site isn't updated as often as I would like, but it's good to hear that it is still proving to be useful to TurboGrafx fans a decade after it was launched. Good luck with your TurboGrafx shopping endeavors.


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