Uhh….hi. Am I on the web? This is cool. Just want to do a shout out real quick before I start. “Yo MOM, I’m on the web!”

Ok, I have some issues with this site, especially this page. I believe you need a proofreader to make sure you don’t look like a moron by misspelling words or just using bad grammar. So I have decided that I shall help you out with this and below you will see the errors that I have found thus far. If you want me to continue, please reply with a pay rate that you are willing to employ me at. P.S. I have my own site and I can only wish to have the time to spend on it like you have on yours. You have done a fine job on covering a subject that I know nothing about, but I feel I am an expert now.

Thank you,

Just Loving Scott


Just Loving Scott,

Your affection for me is not surprising. However, there is one thing that you need to understand. The qualities that are necessary to make a great video game reviewer are not necessarily the same qualities that are found in an English major. As a result, you will see some blatant spelling mistakes and type-o's from time to time. My recommendation to you is to look beyond these and recognize the greatness that is the TurboGrafx-16.

Yours always...


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