It's been a long awaited time but TurboGrafx has finally added a new member to the staff. Finally there will be a competant member working on reviews!!! Maybe we will finally get the reviews that we have all be requesting and have been waiting for. I know I personally have been requesting reviews from such games as World Class Baseball, Cratermaze, China Warrior, Takin' It To The Hoop, World Court Tennis, Ninja Spirit, TV Sports Football, JJ & Jeff, Power Golf, Vigilante, Bonk's Adventure, The Legendary Axe, and Madden Turbo Duo. Though I have not played many of these games I am curious to know how they rate in the minds of fellow TurboGrafx fans. Thank you Richie L. I know you'll make a great member of the staff. Keep your head up and Keep Keeping on!!!

Your #1 Fan

Steve "Chili" R.


Steve "Chili" R.,

There can be little doubt that you are our site's number one fan. Your constant e-mails of encouragement are what has kept us going during even the most difficult of times. As for Richie L., you have good reason to be excited. His game reviewing prowess will undoubtedly prove to rank right up there with the upper-echelon of his contemporaries. BTW, it's good to see that you aren't very demanding in terms of reviews. Perhaps it is time that you step up and take on the role of reviewer yourself. Nonetheless, your excitement for our beloved console is nearly unparalleled. Let me be the first to applaud you on this. I hope that you will continue to be steadfast in supporting our cause.

Woefully Yours...


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