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Dear Scott,

On a recent visit to your website I noticed that the "sightings" section seems to be seems be lacking geographical diversity. On a recent trip to Germany to visit my good friends Gunter and Henrietta I brought my vintage Turbografx system which I recently aquired from a small shop near Baywatch headquarters. But, in my excitment to see the lush German countryside again, and due to a lack of space in my suitcase from 4 pair of lederhosen, I did not bring any Turbografx games on my travels. My first thought was to reference my favorite site for Turbografx information, but your only game sightings are from the Midwestern US. I feel you could much better serve your visitors by diversifying your website to appeal to the international Turbografx gamers.

Respectfully yours,

David Hasselhoff


Dear David,

First of all, I would like to commend you on your unprecedented run on such a high caliber television show as Baywatch. I still watch the re-runs on a weekly basis, as today's shows just can't compare with such quality acting. With that aside, let's talk about the sightings section. I admit that diversity in that part of the site is a bit lacking. That's where we need some of our dedicated readers to be willing to step up and contribute. Having the busy schedule that I do, most of my time is dedicated to writing video game reviews. This gives me little time to gallivant around the countryside looking for TurboGrafx gaming shops. You, as the reader, though, can help me tremendously by letting me know where you find all of the latest TurboGrafx titles. Remember, this is a give and take relationship that we have here. Germans may love David Hasselhoff, but that doesn't mean that you're above contributing shop sightings or even the occasional game review.

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