an unfortunate turn of events


Dear Scott,

I know that you must be busy with all of your photo shoots and cameo appearances but I haven't seen any updates to you site in well over a month. Are you ok? Does Europe not have internet access? Or maybe is it that you are focusing all of your time and effort on redesigning the website? I hope that you are not waiting for the release of Madden 2007 on Turbografx before you make your next web update. Just to let you know I have been unable to do any game reviews because I have had a restraining order placed on me and I'm not allowed within 100 feet of my friends Turbografx. I hope you forgive me and when this restraining order has been removed I will resume my role as your best game reviewer!!!

Your loyal fan and staff member

Steve "Chili" R.


Dear Steve,

Never lose hope, my friend! Site updates always come in their good time. You need to understand that autumn is a very busy time for video game review writers.

Rest assured that I will be providing you with additional updates in the near future. I must admit that I am more than a bit distraught in regards to your restraining order. I just haven't been feeling the love lately from my fellow staff members, and I really would like to see some additional reviews. However, I am left wondering if this restraining order is just a fabrication that you made up so that I don't get another shot at schooling you in TV Sports Football.

Only The Best...


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