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I'm just dropping a quick message to say thanks for establishing this website. I still own a TG-16 and an Express and use them more frequently than any of my next-gen systems. The Express is a handheld that was way ahead of its time, and it still provides me with enjoyment on my long roadtrips. Both the TG-16 and the Express still hold a little space in this old-school gamer's heart. What future plans/updates do you have for this website? Are there any message boards in the works?


Camilo A. Soto
Attorney at Law



Such words of heartfelt sincerity from a true TurboGrafx fan bring a tear to my eye. Thank you for taking the time to write and thank you for supporting the console that is so near and dear to all of us. As for your questions, you have probably seen that updates have been sparse as of late. However, we would like to reverse this trend. In particular, there are plans to beef up the development section. I've always hoped to write a beginner's tutorial for TurboGrafx development, but just haven't found the time. As for a message board, that would be a great idea. While we don't offer that feature at the current time, I would recommend that you check out pcenginefx.com. They seem to have some thriving message boards with multiple topics of conversation.

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