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What game format do you most frequently find yourself playing?

Name Votes
What game format do you most frequently find yourself playing? 49
Support from which third party developer could have bolstered the TurboGrafx on American shores? 6
How far would your travel for a TurboGrafx convention? 495
On which platform do you usually play TurboGrafx games? 29
What web site are you browsing when you're not at turbografx.net? 18
What sport is best represented on The TurboGrafx console? 30
What is your favorite TurboGrafx gaming attire? 11
Which is the best Bonk game? 9
Which TurboGrafx game-time snack reigns supreme? 18
What is your favorite incarnation of the Turbografx console? 29
Which superstar is most likely to own a TurboGrafx-16? 10
Which TurboGrafx game has the most painful gameplay? 12
Which TurboGrafx hero has the tightest weave? 19
Where is the best place to buy TurboGrafx games? 15
What is the most over-priced TurboGrafx game? 42
When did you become a TurboGrafx gamer? 33
What genre was best represented in the TurboGrafx-16 library? 18
Who was the most under-rated TurboGrafx hero? 32
What was the greatest TurboGrafx pack-in game of all time? 10
What is your favorite TurboGrafx accessory? 25

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