Being the cult classic system that it is, you would expect the TurboGrafx to have a devoted following of web sites. Well if you expected this, you were absolutely right! Thanks to the legions of Turbo fans out there, you can always find some new tidbit of knowledge about the system and its vast library of games. Whether it's a review of some obscure Japanese title or it's some system specifications, you're sure to find whatever you're looking for.

Below you will find just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to TurboGrafx and PC Engine dedicated web sites. Be sure to check back often as we add more sites that will help to broaden your Turbo horizons. In the meantime, enjoy these fine selections.

Name Description Name
Flash HuCard Great Product for Aspiring Developers Development
MagicEngine Superior TurboGrafx Emulator Development
MindRec Publisher of Homebrew TurboGrafx Games Development
PC-Engine Dev PC Engine Development Resources and Translations Development
Utilities Listing of TurboGrafx Development Tools Development
Video Mods S-Video or Component Video on Your Duo Development
Zeogad's Lair Home of the HuC C Compiler Development
101 PC Engine Secrets Nifty Little-Known PCE Facts General
Cinci Classic Old School Gaming Convention General
Dave Shadoff Great PCE Info Page General
Game of Japan Among The Best Import Dealers On The Web General
Game Winners Cheats & Codes General
Genki Video Games Classic VG Dealer That's Worth A Look General
Good Deal Games Interesting Classics Site With Release List General
OverClocked TurboGrafx Emulation Info General
PCE Software Bible Veritable Encyclopedia Of PC Engine Games General
PCEngine Catalog Project Database Of PC Engine Games General King Of NEC Console Web Sites General
Retrobase.Net Nice Turbo Screenshot Directory General
TurboGrafx History Chronological Stateside Info General
Turbografx-16 Game Endings Endings For All Your Turbo Favorites General
Universo PC-Engine Solid PC Engine Review Coverage General
VGEE Good TurboGrafx Emulation Coverage General
Wikipedia TurboGrafx-16 All Kinds Of Info About The History Of Our Beloved Console. General

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