The TurboGrafx-16 is a unique animal. Although considered to be a part of the 16-bit generation of systems, it features an 8-bit processor. This is augmented by a powerful 16-bit graphics chip that enables games to feature a multitude of vibrant colors. The chip allowed the system to draw from a much more extensive palette of colors than its contemporary, the Sega Genesis.

Another thing that set the TurboGrafx apart from the competition was its introduction of the first console CD-ROM unit. Awe-inspiring games such as Y's Book I & II and Gate of Thunder prompted Sega to release their own competing CD add-on. However, the Genesis' Japanese counterpart, Sega's Megadrive, can't come close to touching the extensive library of import CD games that the PC Engine boasts. These import classics have got Turbo fanboys scrambling to pick up a copy of such gems as Dracula X on eBay.

Besides the CD unit, the NEC did release a number of other accessories that will help enhance your gaming experience. Most notable of these is the TurboTap, which allows five players to enjoy Turbo gaming. Aside from this, gamers quickly became aware of the fact that an extention cable was must buy accessory, due to the unparalleled shortness of the standard TurboPad controller cable. Finally, NEC released a boatload of interesting accessories in Japan. There are some very interesting items out there, the likes of which have never been seen on US shores.

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