In a last ditch effort to compete with the powerful Sega and Nintendo entries into the 16-bit market place, NEC decide to unleash the TurboDuo on American shores in 1992. The Duo was well ahead of its time, featuring a built-in CD unit along with the standard HuCard slot. Not only this, but the system came with some very nice software that included Bonk's Adventure, Bonk's Revenge, and Gates of Thunder. NEC even decided to toss in a hidden version of Bomberman, which was a nifty added bonus.

The TurboDuo boasted a host of improvements over the original TurboGrafx-16, not least of which was the CD add-on. AV cables were included as the standard hook-up for the system, which was a definite improvement over the typical RF connection of the day. Besides that, the system included built-in memory backup. This memory came in very handy for RPG fans. Finally, the system came with the Super CD card built-in.

Launching at a price of nearly $300, the TurboDuo was never quite able to give NEC the shot in the arm that they were hoping for. Unfortunately for those people looking to buy Duo's now, they are not all that common or inexpensive. Of the few dealers that offer used Duo's, many charge upwards of $200, which is not at all cheap for circa 1990's video game equipment. Nonetheless, this unit is definitely worth owning. If you ever find youself with a good opportunity to snag one, I would definitely recommend that you consider it.

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