When the TurboGrafx hit American shores in 1989, it managed to cause a bit of a stir with its new controller. The TurboPad was much nicer than the stock entries offered by Nintendo for the Nintendo Entertainment System and by Sega for the Sega Master System. Not quite as squarish as the competition, the TurboPad had a litle bit more of an ergonomic feel. Besides that, it offered a feature previously seen in only high-end third party controllers. The three level turbo option is still a feature that has not been seen on any other stock controller issued with a console.

After all these years, the TurboPad has held up nicely. It's still a rather attractive controller and is very comfortable to use. The one major drawback that Turbo gamers will quickly realize is the ridiculously short cable length. With a cable this short, it is a necessity to buy an extension cable. Not having an extension cable, gamers will find themselves sitting right next to the TV in order to play all their Turbo favorites.

While still fairly easy to pick up on eBay, a loose TurboPad, like many Turbo items, is difficult to run across in your local gaming shop. As a result of this, new controllers are still going for their original $20 price tag, with used controllers demanding a slightly lesser fee. Despite this, the controller is still a decent value that will keep many a TurboGrafx gamer satisfied.

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