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The TurboGrafx-16 is one fine console. Turbo fanboys far and wide will have no problem agreeing on this statement. However, they will also all agree that the system has one glaring weakness. The standard TurboPad controller cable is just ridiculously short! Rarely, has the world of console gaming seen the likes of this short cable. It has been the cause of frustrating many gamers, as they're stuck sitting right next to their beloved console in order to enjoy their favorite games.

Fortunately for all of us, NEC had a solution to this problem early on. The extension cable is, without a doubt, the one must own accessory for all TurboGrafx owners. There's nothing like being able to sit back and relax with all the Turbo classics on your couch or recliner.

Unlike other Turbo accessories and hardware, the Turbo extension cable can be readily purchased at an inexpensive price. Dealers such as Turbo Zone Direct and eBay vendors are in no short supply of the beloved extension cable. The only problem here is that you're likely to get a third party version of the cable that doesn't necessarily match the color of your console. Fortunately, this is a small price to pay for comfort.
Extension Cable

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