What is a system without quality software? A disaster. Just look at the Atari Jaguar. Its dreadful software lineup makes it a system that's even difficult for a fanboy to love! Without good software, a console is quickly abandoned before its time. Besides, who wants to use up much coveted shelf space for a system with no killer apps?

As far as the TurboGrafx is concerned, there's no need to fear. This system just has a plethora of quality games that haven't even been experienced by the average gamer. Not only that, but the PC Engine offers an unparalleled library of import classics to be enjoyed by one and all.

Anyway, you definitely owe it to yourself to give some of the games below a shot. If you don't, you just don't know what you're missing! From shooters to platformers to RPGs, the TurboGrafx has got you covered. Regardless of the genre that you're most interested in, there is undoubtedly some solid representation in the TurboGrafx library.

Name Description Author Name
Aero Blasters Fast-Paced, Power-Up Frenzied Shoot 'Em Up Collin
Afterburner 2 Fighter Jet Arcade Hit Comes Home Scott
Bomberman '93 Multi-Player Mayhem At Its Finest Scott
Bonk's Adventure Milestone Title For The 16-Bit Era Scott
Bonk's Revenge Turbo Mascot Back For More Scott
Bravoman Neck-Stretching Platformer Hits Home Scott
Champions Forever Boxing Boxing's Best Gone Bad Scott
Cratermaze Hudson Puzzler Based On Proven Engine Scott
Digital Champ Naxat Tries A Non Pinball Side Project Scott
Download Cyberpunk Style Shoot 'Em Up Action Scott
Dragon Spirit Fire-breathing Launch Title Scott
Dungeon Explorer Five-Player Dungeon Crawling At Its Best Scott
Fiend Hunter High Adventure Hits Super CD Scott
Final Lap Twin A Unique Look At The Racing Classic Collin
Final Lap Twin Split-Screen Racing Excitement Scott
Galaga '90 Home Conversion Of The Arcade Classic Scott
Gate Of Thunder Super CD Shooter Action At Its Best Scott
Golden Axe Arcade Conversion Gone Wrong Scott
Image Fight Challenging Import Space Adventure Scott
Keith Courage Classic TurboGrafx Pack-In Game Scott
Klax Mind Boggling Puzzle Goodness Ragnar
Legend Of Hero Tonma Japanese Flavored Platformer Scott
Lode Runner Pack-In Video Pulls One Out Of The Archives Scott
Military Madness Cult Classic Strategy Blockbuster Richie L.
Ordyne Innovative Multi-player Shooter Scott
Pac-Land Arcade Classic Turned Platformer Scott
Parodious Humerous Konami Shooter Ragnar
Power Golf Hit The Links Turbo Style Scott
Salamander NES Favorite Gets An Upgrade Scott
Splatterhouse Horrifying Platformer Experience Scott
Street Fighter 2 Arcade Favorite Becomes HuCard Hit Ragnar
Time Cruise Go Back To The Future For Pinball Action Scott
Tricky Kick Animal Lover's Worst Nightmare Scott
TV Sports Basketball Roundball Fiasco Scott
TV Sports Football Console Football Gone Horribly Wrong Scott
TV Sports Football An Alternate View On This Lackluster Title Steve "Chili" R.
World Stadium Baseball Nostalgic Baseball Flashback Scott
World Stadium Baseball Refreshing Look At A Baseball Classic Steve "Chili" R.
World Stadium Baseball '91 Namco Beats The Sophomore Slump Scott

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