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Over the past couple of weeks I have had the great privilege, not only to play, but beat the webmaster "Scott" himself in TV Sports Football. This feat was accomplished not once but twice! The second game was only played till halftime, due to Scott's busy schedule.

Scott himself has asked me to do a game review of TV Sports Football. Due to all the hype of how great this game was I had to play it. The graphics for this game reminded me of Turbografx nemesis game system, Nintendo, which featured the great game of "10 Yard Fight". Unlike Ten Yard Fight, TV Sports Football's gameplay was abysmal. This was evident when I was only able to complete one pass out of sixty or so attempts. What kind of game is it when you have to hike the ball, stop, aim, hold the pass button, hope your receiver goes to the ball, and pray he catches it. As for the kicking game I thought it was almost an automatic inside the 50 yard line, until I played with a different team. There are no skill involved in the kicking don't even have to press a button to hike or kick. Defense, well that's a different story! I myself was almost a master, keeping Scott scoreless in one of our bouts. The shear fact that you can dive 5 yards to tackle a player reminds me of Tecmo Super Bowl.

All in all this game rates very poorly in my book. The only enjoyment I got out of playing this game was to meet and crush Scott at his own game. To be honest, if it weren't for that, the best that I could say about the game was that I wish I could get those 30 minutes of my life back. Oh least the in-game sound is better than listening to John Madden!
TV Sports Football
TV Sports Football
TV Sports Football

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