world stadium baseball

To my surprise this game was much more exciting than I originally anticipated. Although it has been many years since I played this game, on turbografx arch nemisises system(I won't mention names), it was rather exciting. There's nothing like kicking butt against one of the most famous turbografx player of our time, Scott.

This japanese version of RBI baseball strikes many similarities to the American version. Understanding what the symbols mean for each team and what the names stand for is a whole other story in itself. As for the game, I would give the game an 8.3 out of 10. The inability to climb the wall or make diving catches kept this game from a perfect ten, along with graphics and sound.

You can't go wrong with the intense music this game brings, especially when you have runners on base or scoring position. You can just feel the excitement and pressure that each batter must be feeling. No need to worry whether you've hit a home run or a blopper because the crack of the bat and the sound of the ball floating through the air tells it all. Along with the fireworks exploding in the background as you round the bases after a homerun. Reminds me of one of Robert Redford's famous movies, The Natural. A must see on my list of movies!!

As for defense, to say that pitching is easy would be an understatement. With such an array of pitches to choose from how is it possible to give up any runs. From the fallout sinker to the untouchable screw ball it's nearly impossible to give up a hit. One secret that I've learned about pitching is to replace your pitcher every two innings. After throwing such an array of pitches his arm tires quickly.

Fielding is a different story. I've been spoiled by my game play on newer systems. I'm use to slamming on the game paddle only to see the shortstop dive 5 feet and make a magnificent throw to first base. If you're looking for that feature you've picked the wrong game. If this game only had the ability to control the outfielders without moving the infielders. When the ball finally reaches the outfield, the fielder is on the other side of the field. If your lucky you'll somehow get close enough that the computer will stick out it's glove and catch it.

No need to worry how long you've been playing the game. After each inning you are given the length of time you've been playing along with the score and inning. That way you don't miss your favorite episode of Chuck Norris.

For all of you looking for an easy victory in this game make sure to challenge Scott. He may be handsome with his manly looks, but he's no Babe Ruth when it comes to playing baseball. Until next time, keep keeping on!!
World Stadium Baseball
World Stadium Baseball
World Stadium Baseball

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